There are several methods of male sterilization. Vasectomy, one of the procedures, is a minor procedure that a man undergoes that keeps him permanently from getting a woman pregnant. The procedure is done local anesthesia. The reasons for men choosing to undergo vasectomy are many and varied. It could be due to free will or coercion by their partners. However, things may not turn as planned and people may require a reversal of this procedure.

There are several clinics in the United Kingdom that perform male sterilization reversal procedures. Among them is The Vasectomy Reversal Centre. At this clinic, you will be joining other hundreds of men who seek this service here year in year out. The surgery offered is of high quality and the aftercare top notch.

Methods of Male Sterilization

2There is always more than one way of doing something. Male sterilization reversal is no different. Before we explore the various methods of reversal, it is important that we briefly look at the several of male contraception. There are the closed and open vasectomy procedures, cauterized/burning the ends of the tubes of vas-deferens, tying the vas-deferens tubes, removal a few centimeters of these tubes, a non-scalpel vasectomy among others. These among others are established and authorized by the medics as forms of vasectomy.

Regardless of the vasectomy method performed, a reversal is possible. All the methods are workable. The only problem that is always encountered by surgeons is if a hernia repair was done as at the same time as the vasectomy.

Just like male sterilization can be done in several ways, so is male sterilization reversal. What is important is maximizing the chances after a successful procedure. According to the learning curve theory, a person’s increases his learning with experience. This means that the more a team of specialists at a clinic performs the reversal, the more experience they earn. At the Vasectomy Reversal Centre, Mr. Duncan Harriss and his team attend to a high number of people who come to the clinic for surgery.

Facts to about male sterilization reversal

3No method of male sterilization reversal can be said to be superior to the other.

The reversal should be performed under the general anesthetic. This increases the chances of one having a surgery that is of high quality. Pain relief is maximized.

The microsurgical vasectomy reversal technique is a method that has been tested and proven to work.

The urologists in the United Kingdom on average perform about fifteen reversals every year. This is done by about 85% of them. Among the urologists is Mr. Harriss who has held interviews on various media outlets regarding the work they do. These interviews have been an avenue for his success in the male sterilization reversal procedures to be audited and authenticated.

Before embarking on a male sterilization reversal procedure, you need to check the qualification of the specialist. Surgeons normally sit for surgical examinations and specialist surgical examinations. Upon successful completion, the surgeons are listed on the General Medical Council Specialist register. To learn more check…