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user survey


Please help us to collect some data to help evaluate use of this web site by answering the questions in this brief survey.   Thank you!



1. Is this your first visit to the web site?     yes    no

2. How did you hear about our site?




  Librarian's Yellow Pages

  search engine

  link from another site

  word of mouth


3. Are you?            

  a librarian or someone who works in a library

  a consumer seeking health information

  a health professional           



If you are not a librarian, or someone who works in a library, please skip questions 4-8.


4. In which type of library do you currently work?

public library
school library


hospital/medical/health sciences library

academic library     


5. If you work in a public library , what is the size of the community which the library serves?

under 1,000
1,000 2,499 
2,500 4,999  
5,000 9,999
10,000 24,999

25,000 49,999  

50,000 99,999
100,000 249.999
250,000 499,999
Over 500,000

6. Does the library in which you work?  

(Please check all that apply.)

  answer health related questions

  plan and conduct health programs

  have health outreach programs for minorities.

  work with other community-based organizations to

      plan and conduct health outreach programs

  belong to the National Network of Libraries of

      Medicine (NN/LM)

If your library does not belong to NN/LM, consider joining by visiting http://www.nnlm.gov or calling

1-800-338-7657 for more information.


7. Which of the following racial/ethnic groups are served by the library in which you work?    (Please check all that apply.)

        American Indians/Alaskan Natives

        African Americans


        Hispanics or Latinos

        Native Hawaiians or other Pacific Islanders

        Other minority groups:

8. Does the library in which you work have a need for? (Please check all that apply):

        Health materials in Spanish

        Health materials in other languages

        Health materials for individuals with low

              literacy skills                                                          

9. What kind of information are you seeking today? (Please check all that apply.)

       just browsing

       specific consumer health information for a library


       ideas on health outreach programming for the


       promotional materials for health outreach

       information on health disparities that affect


       information on the Healthy People Library Project



10. Do you plan to return to the web site again?

  yes  no


11. If yes, would you be willing to answer a few more questions for us in the future in exchange for a free gift? 

  yes   no

12. Please provide contact information if you would like to join our Healthy People Library Project Network or mailing list:

Business Name
Zip Code
Email address
Telephone number


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