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profiles of healthy living

These profiles have been written about people who are making decisions that encourage healthy living. Some people are putting those decisions into action in their own lives or in the lives of the people around them — to fight off symptoms of an illness or to promote lifestyle changes that prevent illness. Others are scientists, researchers, or doctors who are investigating illnesses, finding new treatments, and helping people lead healthier lives.

Profiles from The Science Inside: Asthma and Allergies booklet:

Erminia Cardenas, licensed vocational nurse

Tom Dolan, Olympic swimmer and asthmatic

Gavin Huntley-Fenner, business consultant and asthmatic

Gale Kalitsi, mother and food allergy advocate

Alexander Ortega, professor and allergy researcher

Profiles from The Science Inside: Diabetes booklet:

James R. Gavin III, scientist and educator
Francine Kaufman, diabetes specialist working with children
Raul Sosa
, software engineer and diabetic
Jerry Stackhouse, basketball player and diabetes advocate
Ruby Wolf, nutrition clinic director

Profiles from The Science Inside: Having Healthy Babies booklet:

Amanda Sue Bordeaux, daycare owner and SIDS advocate

Stacey Garnett, labor-delivery nurse

Wendy Hilliard, businesswoman and mother

Morena Parada, mother and breastfeeding advocate

Profiles from The Science Inside: High Blood Pressure booklet:

Lemuel Moyé, professor and statistics expert

Marge Prioleau, retired teacher and high blood pressure survivor

Elijah Saunders, doctor, professor, and high blood pressure expert

Sandra Taler, doctor

Joe Wagner, computer expert and high blood pressure survivor

The profiles are pdf files and require Acrobat Reader to display. If a profile does not display, you may need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The profiles are excerpts from The Science Inside series of booklets.


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