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Throughout the project we will be identifying and profiling librarians from around the country who have addressed different challenges such as finding funding for their health information centers, operating them on a small budget, reaching out to diverse consumer agooudiences, developing a promotional campaign, etc. These profiles should provide a wealth of ideas to librarians and will be updated and increased in number as we gather more information and success stories.

Building Community Partnerships
Jean Shipman, Virginia Commonwealth University's Community Health Education Center and Women's Health Network for Minority Consumer Health Outreach, Richmond, VA

Building a Consumer Health Website from the Ground Up
Patricia Gallagher, New York Online Access to Health, New York Academy of Medicine, NY

Finding High Quality Health Information Online
Matt Womack, Ela Area Public Library, Zurich, IL

Maintaining a Successful Consumer Health Library Collection
Scott Willis, Consumer Health Information Program and Services (CHIPS), Carson, CA

Making Health Information Accessible to All
Cathy Woolbright, Simon Schwob Medical Library, Columbus, GA

Raising the Visibility of Consumer Health Libraries in the Community
Beth Andersen and Tim Grimes, Ann Arbor District Library, MI

The Power of Collaboration: Building an Online Library from the Ground Up
Linda Draper, Detroit Community AIDS Library (DCAL), Wayne State University Shiffman Medical Library, MI


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