Living with depression is difficult, it entails extreme emotions of hopelessness, extreme negativity, suicidal attempts, and anxiety. Depression can affect anyone, do not judge anyone with depression since it can hit you. Either from work, relationships, mentally or even physically. The bad thing with depression is that it does not only affect the sick but everyone else around them. Studies have shown that women are more likely to be affected by depression than men. This is associated with some factors. Read on to understand why women are more likely to suffer depression than men.

Depression in women

Hormonal changes

Compared to men, women suffer a lot of changes hormonally. During and after pregnancy, women experience mood swings. A new mother deals with so many changes in the body in addition to trying to bond with the baby. Another period when women experience hormonal change is during menopause. They suffer sadness, depression, irritation and hormonal upheavals. Dealing with all the above expose women to a lot of stress which could mean depression at the end of the day.


Women invest so much in their relationships than men. They work so hard to see them succeed. If the relationship does not work as they expected or planned, women are at risk of suffering depression. Daily struggles to keep their families intact and work increase the possibility of women suffering depression. The unbearable pressure if what they invested so much in is failing sends them to depression.

Increased worry and stress

Women suffer stress more compared to men. The reason behind this is because the chances of women facing hard situations like assaults and sexual abuse are high compared to men. Not forgetting domestic violence which is affecting many women around the globe. Such experience leaves a forever memory in their brains. Every time the thought crosses their mind women get sad. It results in depression in the long run.

Body image

Women are more likely to be affected by stress related to the way they look. This is more during teenage and adolescence age. It is during this time that girls undergo many changes body wise. The girls are growing mind wise as well. The many changes in one lifestyle, trying to fit in or relationships may cause depression to the young girl.