Obesity Surgery Risks You Must Be Aware Of


A lifestyle change is a must if you want to lose weight. Excess weight is a significant risk by itself. It is people with excess weight who are diagnosed with heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, and cancer. Excess weight can damage the whole of your life leading depression at the end of the day. Daily exercise and an improvement in what you eat are the keys to a healthy weight. At times, exercise and good diet might not be of help. If that is the case, medical help is needed. Yes, some people have to undergo surgery to help in weight loss. The surgery is meant to make sure that the individual takes less food and they feel full faster. Obesity surgery has its risks like any other surgery. But it is riskier since losing weight is not gradual.

Obesity risks

Complications after surgery

Patients can suffer complication during or after surgery. One of the most experience complication is getting infections. Out of twenty people who undergo this surgery one suffers infections. Another common complication is getting blood clots in the lungs and legs. Out of hundred people, one gets the blood clots. The last type of complication is bleeding. One in hundred people is affected.

Excess skin

The aim of this surgery is to remove excess fat from the patient’s body. After the excess fat is removed, the skin tends to sag. It will not remain as firm as it used to be. Patients get excess and folding of skin after the surgery. This more so appears on the limbs, hips, and tummy. To get rid of the excess skin and enjoy the fruits of obesity surgery, a cosmetic surgery should be done.


Around ten months after surgery, patients develop gallstones. In a group of twelve, one suffers gallstones. Gallstones are stones made from cholesterol. They form in the gallbladder. There are no visible symptoms to suggest that one is getting gallstones. They grow and cause inflammation and irritation in the bladder.

Psychological effects

Rapid weight loss attracts psychological effects. One, the client gets a feeling of joy for having shed excess weight. One’s self-esteem is hugely improved, they find themselves more appealing, and the feeling is amazing. After any complications that might have arisen are treated, the patient gets a lot of satisfaction.…

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Massage Chairs


We tend to get information about an item before buying it. We will ask around about its benefits and disadvantages. Let us do the same for a massage chair. The information provided here will be of great benefit when making the buying decision. You will decide if to buy it or not after reading the advantages and disadvantages provided. It is such kind of information that makes you sure of the thing you want to buy.

Advantages of massage chairs

  • The chair allows you to get a massage anytime you want. Since we have it at home, it makes relaxation periods way better. After a day of hard work, you have something to pamper you. Some chairs are designed such that you need to press a button, and it starts working. With the chairs at home, you are saved a lot of hustle to and from the massage center.
  • With the chair, there is no need of a massage therapist. The chairs are made such a way that they can perform different types of massage. They can give all types of massage including Shiatsu, Swedish just to mention a few.
  • They are cost effective. Once you start going for a massage, it becomes a habit, and you want to visit often. This becomes expensive at the end of the day. With a massage chair, you incur the buying price once. You are required to pay every time you get a massage. The good thing is that you can get a massage anytime you want and as many times a week as you wish.
  • Blood circulation. A massage is a good way to give you a good blood circulation. If you did not know, a massage is a good way to relieve pains in your body. It makes your muscles tighter as well. A massage gives you a better functioning of the whole body.


  • All things with advantages have a particular weakness as well. With massage chairs, they are programmed in such a way that they cannot give massage to all parts of the body. With a massage therapist, you are assured to get a good massage in all parts of your body. Another disadvantage is that the chair takes a lot of space. If you have a small house, it might take a lot of space. This is because for you to get a massage, you must lie on it.